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Try out GraphQL interfaces for selected APIs, created by API Harmony. To learn more about the technology enabling this feature, read our blog post. To learn more about the GraphiQL tool used to query GraphQL APIs, check out this introductory post.

Identify the language of a given text and translate it - all in one request. To use this GraphQL interface, obtain credentials (username and password) by provisioning IBM Watson Language Translation API in IBM Bluemix.

Try Watson Language Translation GraphQL interface!
# Example query:
  viewerBasicAuth (username: "username_from_bluemix" password: "password_from_bluemix") {
    languagesOfText (text: "Life is beautiful") {
      german: translation (target: "de") {
        translations {

Dive into the vast amount of data offered by the GitHub API. OAuth 2 authentication means that you can query your personal data, including repositories you work on, issues, comments etc.

Try GitHub GraphQL interface!
# Example query:
  organization (org: "facebook") {
    repos {

Query your past rides with Lyft, get price estimates for rides, or list nearby drivers. Uses OAuth 2 to allow you to authorize the GraphQL interface.

Try Lyft GraphQL interface!
# Example query:
  RidesResponse (startTime: "2015-01-01T00:00:00+00:00") {
    rideHistory {
      origin {
      destination {
      price {
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